We use data analysis to make profit from ethical projects.

then 120 USD the year

Our methodology

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Investor performance

We analyse data and performance of investors.

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Ehtical investments

We care about investing in ethical projects.

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Risk Management

We use risk management to realize realistic investments.

Our ethic

P L sharing
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No gharar
No Maysir

P&l sharing

Profit and loss sharing in Islamic finance is a principle where investors and entrepreneurs share the outcomes of a business venture in a fair and equitable manner, reflecting their respective contributions and risks.


Maysir is gambling, involving games of chance and speculation, which is prohibited in Islamic finance due to its exploitative nature and high risk of loss.


Riba is the practice of charging interest on loans, which is strictly prohibited in Islamic finance as it is considered exploitative and unjust.


Gharar refers to uncertainty or ambiguity in the terms of a contract or a transaction, which is prohibited in Islamic finance to ensure fairness and transparency.

Our screening methodology

Everything is halal...

The ideal investment would be the one who have a positive impact on economy. Also, the default ruling in Islam is permissibility until there is a proof that goes against it.

until proven otherwise...

We avoid investments once an information comes against the principles of islamic finance. We do our best to get informations on tokens and their ecosystems.

and we avoid doubtful investments.

We consider as doubtful any tokens about which we have no information. We need a certain level of transparency to invest.


Investing involves risk. Please note that you are only receiving an overview of our investment choices and not a financial investment advisor encouraging you to invest or to make any investment choices.

Let's work together.

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